How to Apply for Financial Aid

DISCLAIMER: Augusta Technical College does NOT participate in the Direct Loan Program.

Filing Your FAFSA

It is important that you file your FAFSA for each year.  Each year’s FAFSA covers three terms—Fall Term, Spring Term, and Summer Term.  For example, the 2018-2019 FAFSA will cover Fall Term 2018, Spring Term 2019, and Summer Term 2019.  Complete the steps below to help complete your FAFSA.  To ensure that Augusta Technical College Financial Aid representatives are able to view the results of your FAFSA application, the College's school code must be included on your application.  Augusta Technical College's school code is 005599.

Step 1: Create Your FSA ID

Your Federal Student Aid ID is a unique identifier assigned to you by the US Department of Education.  You can use it to access your FAFSA record and to electronically sign your application.  Once you receive the FSA ID, you can immediately access your FAFSA.  The FSA ID will not change—it will remain the same very year you apply for aid.  Only one FSA ID and one FAFSA are needed per year, even if you apply to different schools.

 Step 2: Complete the FAFSA

Once the FSA ID is created, you will need to complete the appropriate year’s FAFSA.  You should complete the FAFSA online.  This one application is for all types of financial aid, including Pell and HOPE, so you should read all the instructions thoroughly and make sure the information you are reporting is as accurate as possible.  Filing is free—you should never pay to file your FAFSA.  You can submit your application any time after October 1 to apply for the following academic year.

Step 3: Provide Additional Documentation

Each year, the US Department of Education randomly selects students for verification.  This process is required by the US Department of Education, and it is used to verify the accuracy of your FAFSA.  Once Augusta Tech receives your FAFSA, you will be notified via e-mail (e-mail listed on the FAFSA and/or your student e-mail) informing you of documentation required to complete your application.

*To ensure that your financial aid is processed by the published fee payment deadline, all of your financial aid requirements must be satisfied at least 10 days prior to the start of each term.