The Technical College System of Georgia has developed curriculum standards with the direct involvement of business and industry. These standards serve as the industry-validated specifications for each program of study and allow Augusta Technical College to offer its business partners this guarantee:

“If one of our graduates, who was educated under a standard program, and his or her employer agrees that the employee is deficient in one or more competencies as defined in the standards, Augusta Technical College will retrain that employee at no instructional cost to employee or employer.”

This guarantee applies to graduates who are employed in their fields of training. It is in effect for a period of two years after graduation and includes those graduates who have failed to pass a State of Georgia required licensing examination within two years after graduation.

To inquire or to file a claim under this warranty, the employer in conjunction with the graduate should contact the Provost of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness at (706) 771-4171 to discuss the need for retraining. A letter from the employer on company letterhead must be submitted to the Provost noting that the graduate is deficient in one or more areas as defined by the Technical College System of Georgia.